Conversational Capacity by Craig Weber

A client recommended Conversational Capacity to me in advance of an off-site. I bought the book and we applied a couple of Weber’s ideas, such as the line (conversational capacity) marking the boundary between productive and unproductive conversations.

The Transition Mission by Herb Thompson

I “met” Herb Thompson on LinkedIn. I think a contact had commented on one of his posts, so it showed up in my feed. I really liked the post. It was about how meaningful it is when someone higher up in an organization calls to check-in on you and you just shoot the breeze for a bit. Like two human beings. I connected with Herb, and began enjoying his other posts. I saw that he’d recently published a book on veteran transition, so I ordered it and read the Amazon preview.

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

Several years ago I was preparing for my first off-site “on my own” – representing my own business. Before that I’d worked for a larger consulting group, where I’d received excellent training and mentoring in the leader / organizational development space.