EXECUTIVE COACHING and consultation

What brought you to this page? I've coached hundreds of leaders, and their motivations are diverse. Some are prepping for promotions. Others want to identify blind spots or weaknesses. Still others need a trusted sounding board to get perspective, reach an "aha moment," or take their business to the next level. Nearly all have increased both self-awareness and their understanding of others - both key to leading and working as part of a larger team.  

Whatever your goals, I look forward to working with you!




Individual Asessment Debrief

For leaders looking to grow professionally, increase their self-understanding, and identify blind spots. You'll complete a set of personality assessments and we'll walk through the "so what?" as you make adjustments for more effective leadership. I use three assessments from the Hogan Assessments family.  The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) provides data on your typical way of interacting at work. The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) quantifies "de-railers" you may have under pressure, stress or fatigue. The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) records what drives you and what you value. 


Group Coaching- 

For leaders looking to improve both individuals and entire teams. Few of us work in a vacuum. Each leader or team member is part of a system, and the interactions within that system are both cause and effect. In group coaching, each member of the team  completes an assessment and receives a debrief. Then we walk through the "so what?" as a group - usually in a half or one-day session. During this process, the group members will generate insights and actionable steps for themselves, others, and the entire team. 


Business consultation:

The focus here is on problem-solving and actionable insights to improve your organization. You've been head-down making your business successful. You've finally had a chance to push "pause," look around, and assess. You're thinking about your current reality - looking at your challenges, environment and options. You may be wishing you had someone to bounce ideas off, someone who's more objective and outside your organization, and someone who can bring insights from other experiences and organizations to help you succeed. That's me. I'll ask a ton of questions and walk alongside you as you move your business forward.