Unlock business growth with an outside perspective

Executive Coaching that builds confident leaders and thriving teams.

Unlock business growth with an outside perspective

Executive Coaching that builds confident leaders and thriving teams.

Where do leaders go when leading gets tough?

Leading a high-performing team can be incredibly rewarding. But what happens when you hit roadblocks that demand a different solution?

  • There’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be, and you need a guide to help you make up the difference.
  • Poor communication and loss of motivation have your team’s productivity stalling out.
  • Without a sounding board for ideas, you risk limiting yourself.

Leading can be lonely, especially when you’re at a crossroads in your organization.

You need a trusted outside perspective to provide that crucial insight, awareness, and advice to reach the next level.

Outsider Consulting is your trusted adviser for healthy growth and a fresh perspective for your business.

You don’t have to lead on your own.

You could read a thousand books on business leadership and still fall short of being the best leader you can be. That’s where we come in.

We’ll join you on the journey. We’ll help you get a new perspective, clear direction, and measurable growth.

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Optimize Your Teams

Increase your team’s performance through feedback, trust, and a collaborative culture.

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Gain a Trusted Advisor

Benefit from an ally in leadership – someone to help you sort through thoughts and ideas to better clarify your team’s pathway to success.

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Speak Honestly

Rest easy knowing that every conversation is handled with the utmost discretion so that you can speak freely and without judgement.

Services that Develop Leaders & Their Teams.

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Leader Coaching

Gain a trusted adviser to help you in your own growth, decisions, and development of your teams.

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Team Development

Strengthen your leader team and optimize its performance through improved communication and relationships.

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We understand the pressure you’re under.

Every leader deserves to have support from an ally who understands what they are going through.

That’s why we’ve worked with clients all over the US to help them succeed in the hard work of leading.

“Jamey has been instrumental in understanding & guiding our company’s transition and growth opportunities. He has facilitated the last five of our annual company meetings and through this process, he created an atmosphere of team cohesion, collaboration, and free-thinking that has elevated our company’s approach to the future.”

“Jamey has become an indispensable part of our team. What started as an executive coaching relationship for a high potential veteran has expanded to a global arrangement for our top 2 layers of leaders. Through facilitated off-site meetings built partially on Hogan assessments, we have learned more about ourselves and each other. The investment has paid off exponentially with our ability to deliver as a high-performance team.

I would recommend Jamey without hesitation!”

Be the leader that brings out the best in your organization.

1. Book your discovery call.

We drill down to understand you and your company and the roadblocks you’re experiencing.

2. We’ll propose a game plan.

We’ll craft a proposal that applies proven methods to your unique challenges.

3. Move your organization forward.

As we execute the game plan, your leadership and team cohesion will grow. And we’ll be with you each step of the way.

Jamey Gadoury - Owner

Meet Outsider Consulting’s Lead Coach

Jamey Gadoury, Founder, Executive Coach, Veteran

I get it. Leading is hard work, and there’s a lot at stake. When it gets tough, you need someone at your side and on your side.

Leaders come to me with a variety of challenges. Some want to gel their team or help a reporting leader get better. Others have hit a plateau and need outside perspective to continue their growth. Still, others want someone to whiteboard with – to talk through challenges and collaborate on solutions.

For each client, I join them where they are and then move forward to where they want to be. I become an ally, sounding board, and compassionate truth-teller.

Are you ready? Let’s talk.

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