Leader Coaching

One of the hardest things to do is to see how we look from the outside. As leaders rise in seniority, this becomes harder and harder, as both availability and candor of feedback declines.

  • You need an ally. An ally who will guide you in a hard look at your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You need a sounding board. Someone who will slow down and chew on tough problems with you.
  • You need outside perspective. A perspective built both on personal experience and on coaching with countless other leaders in a diversity of industries.

We provide that. From single sessions to multi-year relationships, we join you and work hard for your good.

“Leaders see the long-game. They have a mindset of lifelong improvement for themselves and those they lead. Outsider is an ally for your development journey.“

Jamey Gadoury

Founder of Outsider Consulting

Other Methods Used

Teaching & Speaking

Harness the power of story and lessons learned to refine how your team works cohesively toward effective outcomes.

Data & Assessments

Optimize your team’s performance in light of critical barriers to growth & create a roadmap to discover your full potential.


Create & maintain a healthy culture, understand your team dynamics & cast a shared vision of success.

We offer customized solutions to effectively reach your individual team!

Download the CEO’s Express Lane to Cohesive Leader Teams eBook

Building a high-performing team aligned with a shared vision takes time, deliberate effort, and a little bit of luck. But what if you could take the express lane and ensure your team is up and running cohesively from the start?

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Our Story

Outsider Consulting emerged from lessons of leadership success and failure on the battlefield and in business. Now, Outsider helps leaders map their own routes toward greater success.

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Outsider’s home office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we travel all over the world for events and speaking engagements.

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