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Outsider consulting helps leaders and organizations succeed.

Whether you’re a corporate executive, public sector leader, or small business owner, Outsider exists to equip you and your team for optimal success.

Outsider’s Approach is Simple and Effective

We join Leaders who strive to grow themselves and create exceptional teams. We become your ally in that journey, working hard to enhance what you’ve already invested in the human dimension.

Jamey Gadoury

Founder of Outsider Consulting

Our Founder

Jamey Gadoury is a combat veteran, entrepreneur, mentor, son, father, husband, and Jesus-follower. He has spent his lifetime studying, practicing, and teaching leadership.

From life-and-death decisions in combat to helping corporate leaders with culture, Jamey understands how to learn from both success and failure and to leverage both toward effective, tangible outcomes.

In 2015, Jamey founded Outsider Consulting to partner with leaders who seek excellence in the human dimension.

For more on Jamey, check out his Executive Coaching Profile.

Download the CEO’s Express Lane to Cohesive Leader Teams eBook

Building a high-performing team aligned with a shared vision takes time, deliberate effort, and a little bit of luck. But what if you could take the express lane and ensure your team is up and running cohesively from the start?

“Jamey’s work as a coach and a consultant is unparalleled. We’ve used him in some of our toughest situations—he diagnoses the core problem, engages the team, and creates solutions that make everyone better.”

Nate Self


“My business partner and I were approaching an important deadline of completing a succession plan. We needed a skilled counselor to guide us toward communicating clearly each of our goals and expectations for ourselves and our clients. We needed impartiality and tact. Jamey brought an abundance of skill dealing with our fears and concerns so that we were able to make some critical decisions needed to complete our buyout agreement and remain great friends. I can’t thank you enough Jamey!”

Stephen Guy

Heritage Wealth Managers

“Having Jamey spend the day with me and my two deputy chiefs was the smartest move that I made. We were a new team and Jamey facilitated a great day of team building. He helped us to get to know each other better, what motivates us and what our individual strengths and weaknesses were. We all took great value in his guidance and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Steven Casstevens

Chief of Police, Buffalo Grove, IL

“Jamey has been instrumental in understanding & guiding our company’s transition and growth opportunities. He has facilitated the last two of our annual company meetings and through this process he created an atmosphere of team cohesion, collaboration and free-thinking that has elevated our company’s approach to the future.”

Ralph W. Rucker, III


“Jamey has become an indispensable part of our team. What started as an executive coaching relationship for a high potential veteran has expanded to a global arrangement for our top 2 layers of leaders. Through facilitated off-site meetings built partially on Hogan assessments, we have learned more about ourselves and each other. The investment has paid off exponentially with our ability to deliver as a high performance team. I would recommend Jamey without hesitation!”

Teresa Mackintosh

Chief Executive Officer

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Outsider Consulting emerged from lessons of leadership success and failure on the battlefield and in business. Now, Outsider helps leaders map their own routes toward greater success.

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