About Outsider Consulting

Outsider consulting helps leaders and organizations succeed.

Whether you’re a corporate executive, public sector leader, or small business owner, Outsider exists to equip you and your team for optimal success.

Outsider’s Approach is Simple and Effective

We join Leaders who strive to grow themselves and create exceptional teams. We become your ally in that journey, working hard to enhance what you’ve already invested in the human dimension.

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Jamey Gadoury
Founder of Outsider Consulting

Our Founder

Jamey Gadoury is a combat veteran, entrepreneur, mentor, son, father, husband, and Jesus-follower. He has spent his lifetime studying, practicing, and teaching leadership.

From life-and-death decisions in combat to helping corporate leaders with culture, Jamey understands how to learn from both success and failure and to leverage both toward effective, tangible outcomes.

In 2015, Jamey founded Outsider Consulting to partner with leaders who seek excellence in the human dimension.

For more on Jamey, check out his Executive Coaching Profile.

“Jamey’s work as a coach and a consultant is unparalleled. We’ve used him in some of our toughest situations—he diagnoses the core problem, engages the team, and creates solutions that make everyone better.”

“Having Jamey spend the day with me and my two deputy chiefs was the smartest move that I made. We were a new team and Jamey facilitated a great day of team building. He helped us to get to know each other better, what motivates us and what our individual strengths and weaknesses were. We all took great value in his guidance and I would recommend him to anyone.

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