Executive Coaching

It can be lonely at the top.

The burden of making critical decisions, setting a vision, and navigating team dynamics is heavy. You need a trusted guide to help orient you toward the perspectives and actions that most benefit your people and organization.

Our approach strengthens relationships between you and your team. We arm you with the awareness, tools, and support to enhance your decision-making and help you be more purposeful in your leadership roles.

Personalized Leader Development

1. Gain Awareness

Leader coaching begins with an honest assessment of your workplace personality, motivators, and risk points – backed by psychological research and years of data validation.

2. Chart a Better Course

Armed with the awareness of how you make decisions and interact with the people around you, Outsider equips you to deliberately shape your development.

3. Gain a Trusted Advisor

Outsider invests the time to know you and your organization. We serve as an outside voice to help you establish the right culture, mitigate team risks, and be more intentional with your leadership development.

Jamey Gadoury Headshot

“Leaders see the long game. They have a mindset of lifelong improvement for themselves and those they lead.

Outsider is an ally for your development journey.“

Jamey Gadoury

Founder of Outsider Consulting

We serve as a trusted guide. We’ve been in your shoes, walked your path. We can relate to the burdens you carry. So, we leverage our success and failures as a sounding board, so you navigate critical decisions and direct your own organization’s development.

Methods Used

Leader Coaching

Examine strengths and weaknesses, compare and contrast personality, leverage a sounding board, and apply what you learn.

Data & Assessments

Optimize your team’s performance in light of critical barriers to growth & create a roadmap to discover your full potential.


Create & maintain a healthy culture, understand your team dynamics & cast a shared vision of success.

Teaching & Speaking

Harness the power of story and lessons learned to refine how your team works cohesively toward effective outcomes.

We offer customized solutions to effectively reach your individual team!

Great Leaders Need a Guide

If you want to be a great leader, you need a genuine relationship with someone who can speak into your personal challenges and failures. You need a guide.

Out of the box frameworks and cookie-cutter approaches are not enough to give you the awareness and tools to perform as the leader you want to be.

From battlefield decisions with life and death consequences to boardroom dynamics that determine the fate of companies, Outsider has done the hard work of reflecting on success and failure and leverages that to enhance your development journey.

If you want to be a great leader, Outsider is your guide. We relate to your challenges, understand what is holding you back and tailor a leader development experience that is unique to you.

Developing Leaders & Their Teams

Out of the box solutions will only get you so far. Outsider’s proven methods and customized approach arm you with the awareness and means to perform at the highest levels.

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