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A common question in classes or seminars is “What books do you recommend?” Along with some trusted colleagues, we’re compiling a list of books that we think will benefit you and your leaders. Here’s a few from that list.

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The Advantage

Patrick M. Lencioni

The Advantage is a must-read book for leaders. When I opened it several years ago, I found that Lencioni had captured nearly everything I believed about helping organizations improve – and more! He also provided a useful vocabulary to talk about it. His framework of “organizational health” offers an edge to every organization that pursues it. -JG

Conversational Capacity

Craig Weber

A client recommended Conversational Capacity in advance of an off-site, and Weber’s ideas were immediately applicable. A short time later, another client decided to read through it with their executive leader team, with instant ROI. Increasing capacity for hard-but-productive conversations is central to the book. It also provides a path for “double-loop learning,” where ineffective results are fixed upstream by challenging assumptions. -JG

Stop Talking, Start Communicating

Geoffrey Tumlin

Geoff is one of the best communicators I know, with a disarming way of making ideas stick. Stop Talking is a ready-to-go toolbox for your own communication. -JG

TED Talks

Stanley McChrystal – Listen, Learn…Then Lead

“Leaders can let you fail and yet not let you be a failure.” Remote leadership, “inversion of expertise,” caring for your people.

Kelly McGonigal – How to Make Stress Your Friend

Is stress really bad for you? What’s the research say?

Adam Grant – The surprising habits of original thinkers

Is there a good kind of procrastination? What’s the place of doubt and fear in creativity?

Dr. Helen Riess – The Power of Empathy

Dr. Riess explains practical ways to improve empathy using the acronym: E.M.P.A.T.H.Y.

Included in the link is a quick read summarizing her book: The Empathy Effect. 


A privilege of the leader is to care for the wellbeing of the led. The extent and formality of care varies. For instance the military leader’s scope of care is near total, while the scope is more limited for leading a volunteer board of fellow professionals. Yet in every case, leaders proactively seek good for their people. Here a few resources toward that end.

Corporate Wellness

Here’s an article from Harvard Business Review with Do’s & Don’ts for a corporate wellness plan. Leader commitment and holistic approach are key.

Suicide Prevention – A Model Policy for Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Response

This Model Policy was complied as a tool for law enforcement professionals who seek to prevent suicide or respond well to one. It can be a resource for any leader in need of perspective. All are encouraged to analyze the recommendations, review with other leaders and trusted mental health professionals, and use what is helpful.

Veteran Wellness

Make The Connection makes it easier for veterans and their families to find support. It’s a great example of a positive approach to promoting overall wellness.


You’ve seen veterans succeed in your organization, and you want to equip them and others to do even better. Consider these resources for their kitbag.

Veteran Transition Article

Here’s an article Jamey wrote several years ago. It highlights key struggles many veterans face as they transition to “civilian” life.

“The Gap” in Veteran Transition

This short video describes a major challenge for many veterans. Courtesy of Praevius.

More Veteran Resources

The National Veterans Foundation offers this quick list of resources for veterans, ranging from help with benefits to employment opportunities to mental health.

Veteran Transition Book

This book by Green Beret Herb Thompson is an excellent handrail for veteran transition. It resonates with many of our own conversations over the years. (As an Amazon Associate, Outsider earns from qualifying purchases.)

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