Data & Assessments

How do you create a culture that allows your team to thrive? By understanding what drives your team, knowing your risk points, and establishing common ground.

Personality Assessments

Outsider leverages a range of personality assessments, organizational surveys, and 1:1 interviews to understand your organization, culture, and team strengths and weaknesses.

Using this insight, Outsider works with key leaders to craft a roadmap that expedites the process of building your leader team and setting a culture for success.

Our clients have found great benefit from several Hogan Assessments. We use the HPI (everyday personality), MVPI (motivations), and HDS (de-railers).

Workplace personality assessments and organizational surveys serve as fast tracks to shed light on blind spots, checking reality, driving conversations and confirming or denying assumptions.

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“Leaders see the long game. They have a mindset of lifelong improvement for themselves and those they lead.

Outsider is an ally for your development journey.”

Jamey Gadoury

Founder of Outsider Consulting

Other Methods Used

Leader Coaching

Examine strengths and weaknesses, compare and contrast personality, leverage a sounding board, and apply what you learn.


Create & maintain a healthy culture, understand your team dynamics & cast a shared vision of success.

Teaching & Speaking

Harness the power of story and lessons learned to refine how your team works cohesively toward effective outcomes.

We offer customized solutions to effectively reach your individual team!

Develop yourself, your leaders, and your team.

1. Book your discovery call.

We drill down to understand you and your company and the roadblocks you’re experiencing.

2. We’ll propose a game plan.

We’ll craft a proposal that applies proven methods to your unique challenges.

3. Move your organization forward.

As we execute the game plan, your leadership and team cohesion will grow. And we’ll be with you each step of the way.

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Building a cohesive leader team takes time, deliberate effort, and a little bit of luck. But what if you could take the express lane?

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