The Team Experience

Effective, cohesive teams don’t happen by accident. They require intentional, consistent investment by a leader.

Whether your team is underperforming or you need to elevate them to the next level, Outsider helps you expedite development and fast track results. Whether your goal is to create or maintain good culture, we can help.

Outsider provides custom solutions based on your unique goals and team dynamics. With Outsider, you gain the awareness, tools, and means to shape your leader team and sustain culture.

Fast-Track Team Development

1. Establish a Baseline
Gain a better understanding of your team dynamics, personalities, risks and strengths. Learn what drives your team so leaders can optimize the environment for success.

2. Drive Awareness
Make sure everyone understands their impact on the organization. Outsider steps in to facilitate candid discussions around topics such as identity, self-awareness, and workplace dynamics.

3. Foster Unity
Align your team to a shared vision and mission. Outsider custom-tailors team facilitation and teaching events to promote individual contribution around a common mission and help you build a team that performs at the highest level.

“Leaders see the long-game. They have a mindset of lifelong improvement for themselves and those they lead. Outsider is an ally for your development journey.“

Jamey Gadoury

Founder of Outsider Consulting

Teams are made up of individuals, with unique drivers and personality traits. If you want to build an exceptional team, Outsider gives you the knowledge, awareness and tools to expedite development and fast-track growth.

Methods Used

Leader Coaching

Examine strengths and weaknesses, compare and contrast personality, leverage a sounding board, and apply what you learn.

Data & Assessments

Optimize your team’s performance in light of critical barriers to growth & create a roadmap to discover your full potential.


Create & maintain a healthy culture, understand your team dynamics & cast a shared vision of success.

Teaching & Speaking

Harness the power of story and lessons learned to refine how your team works cohesively toward effective outcomes.

We offer customized solutions to effectively reach your individual team!

Great Teams Trust Each Other

If you’re looking to develop a team that performs at the highest level, you need to remove the obstacles that prevent everyone from performing their best.

In the military, trust is the bedrock of every mission, campaign and operation. Soldiers trust their leaders and leaders trust their soldiers. But that can be hard to replicate in the business world.

So, how do you develop the level of trust in your team that helps your organization endure the most stressful and chaotic moments? You start by understanding your people and what drives them. Then, you unite those drivers around a common mission.

To be effective, your team needs a guide. Outsider has the expertise and experience to expedite your team’s development to the next level.

Developing Leaders & Their Teams

Out of the box solutions will only get you so far. Outsider’s methods arm you with personal and organizational awareness and means to perform at the highest levels.

Topic Resources

Conversational Capacity by Craig Weber

CDownload the CEO’s Express Lane to Cohesive Leader Teams eBook

Building a high-performing team aligned with a shared vision takes time, deliberate effort, and a little bit of luck. But what if you could take the express lane and ensure your team is up and running cohesively from the start?

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