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Jamey Gadoury

Lead Coach, Business Owner, Veteran

C-Level, Business Owners, Leader Teams

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I work with leaders who are committed to their own growth and to their people. They care deeply for the humans they lead and make an impact that includes but outlasts KPI’s. With over 20 years in the leadership domain, I’ve succeeded and failed. I understand the weight of tough decisions and the strain of high- stress environments. My unique blend of education and experience have equipped me to serve you well.

My leadership framework was shaped by my Army service. That can sound like “rigid hierarchy,” but I watched the Army shift from a top-down process to an agile, bottom-up one. I learned countless lessons in empowerment, decentralized operations, risk management, culture, and teamwork.

After graduating West Point with a psychology degree, I completed Ranger School, where I later instructed. I led in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In Iraq, we engaged in high-stakes negotiation and change management as we built relationships with tribal leaders and re-established governance, law enforcement, and basic services for the people of Eastern Ramadi.

After the Army, I worked on projects on decision-making, ethics, culture, and professional identity. I began teaching seminars and coaching hundreds of leaders using personality assessments. I used my GI Bill to obtain a Masters degree in Counseling at a seminary. And I started my own business.

My core identity is follower of Jesus – I’m amazed at God’s love for me! I’m blessed with an amazing wife and three wonderful children. I grew up near Boston, and we still root for their teams (and a couple of others).

I’ve served executives, small business owners, senior military leaders, not-for-profit boards, emerging leaders, and leader teams in industries like logistics, software, finance, police, construction, medicine and engineering. They would say I met them where they were in their leader journey and became an ally, sounding board, and truth-teller.

Alton is an exceptional executive coach. As he mentors leaders, he draws on his experiences as an athlete, military leader, academic, counselor, and business leader.

Alton is passionate about helping others reach their potential and formulate their “why” so that they make more purposeful and impactful decisions.

Alton is the founder and Clinical Director of Insight Counseling and Training Center, with offices in Belton and Georgetown, TX.

He has been an integral part of improving the mental health of local physicians in residency, has created chaplaincy and peer support teams at his local police department, and has established a Business Direct program to help business owners and leaders care for their own and the mental/emotional health of their team.

He has worked as an adjunct professor in the department of education at Texas A&M University-Central Texas, as an adjunct professor in the graduate clinical mental health counseling program at UMHB, and currently as an adjunct professor in the Physician’s Assistant Graduate Program at UMHB.

Alton served in the military for twelve years and is a recipient of the Purple Heart. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and letters in football and track & field at West Point, his Master’s degree from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (UMHB), and his Doctorate of Education from Johns Hopkins University. Alton currently serves on several leadership boards throughout Central Texas.

He and his wife Lindi are the founders of A&L Solutions, Inc. and the Lazarus Project. They have been married for over 18 years and they have four beautiful children: Alton III, David, Eden, and Malachi.

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Alton McCallum

Business Owner, Veteran, Chaplain

C-Level, Business Owners, Law Enforcement
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Danica Koestner

Servant Leader, Visionary

Educators, Non-Profit Teams, Emerging Leaders

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Hi, I’m Danica, and I’m excited to help you get from point A to point B. I love to create, empower, motivate, and connect. I’ve worked in the arts, foster care, businesses, schools, non-profits, and churches. These experiences have taught me that every situation is unique but none should be navigated alone. Together, we will identify roadblocks and strategize how to move forward in challenging situations (work, relationships, mental health diagnosis, or otherwise). I have helped individuals navigate new leadership roles at work, new mental health diagnoses, new jobs, parenting challenges, relationship challenges and faith struggles. I specialize in facilitating discussions, trauma-informed approach, management and implementation, active listening, data-driven decision-making, crisis intervention, empathetic listening, and collaboration. I get great joy in empowering those I work with and seeing them thrive! I would be honored to serve you and champion you as you progress toward your goals!


Masters in Special Education from Arizona State University. Bachelor’s with honors from the University of Arizona in Sociology, along with two minors.

Certified Trainer

Strengthening Families, Protective Factors
AZ ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Consortium
AZ Foster Parent College

I have a passion for empowering leaders to optimize personal and professional growth. I help reshape the narratives that influence limiting mindsets. If you are a leader looking to be more impactful, overcome roadblocks, and grow stronger, together we will explore challenges, process experiences, and gain outside insights to get you to the next step in your journey. 

With over 14 years as an entrepreneur, business owner, and award-winning filmmaker, I recognize the transformative power of a well-crafted narrative. I’m excited to bring that narrative perspective to coaching – coaching that delves into the stories we tell ourselves. Understanding our story and what makes us tick is the key to unlocking, not only your personal and professional growth, but to uncover and reshape the narratives holding us back. 

From multi-award winning documentaries, to leading volunteer mission teams through third-world countries, I’ve refined my ability to communicate and collaborate across cultures and divides, and I am passionate about pursuing and encouraging growth and new challenges. First as a small business owner, and then a director, producer, and team leader, I’ve walked the challenging road with my own mistakes and failures, and through my experiences I’ve come to understand the impact and power of someone walking alongside you in key moments, and I have a passion to walk alongside others and help the vision for their life become a reality. 

In our coaching sessions, there are no cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, I bring a wide range of structures and strategies that we can uniquely apply to your life. We don’t fit you into our structures, we take our structures and apply it to your story. I am excited to bring a unique blend of passion, storytelling expertise, and global perspective to your personal and professional development.

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Sadie Such

Business Owner, Traveler

Entrepreneurs, Leaders-in-Transition

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